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Fire Starters

Fire Starters

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Light up the night with our Fire Starters!

Our eco-friendly Fire Starters are an essential item for your bonfire needs! They create a more efficient fire-starting experience, so you can stop searching for kindling or tinder, and get cozy next to a crackling fire in no time!

Our Fire Starters are crafted with reused materials, helping to reduce waste in the environment.

  • Scented Wax
  • Wax Coated Paper Towels
  • Wick Trimmings

Available in singles, 3 packs or 5 packs.

Choose from a range of colors - just leave a note in your order!


    No kindling, tinder or lighting fluid is needed to start your fire! Simply place a fire starter among the firewood in a teepee or your preferred shape and light the wick!

    What we reuse:

    • Scented wax – scent lasts for duration of the Fire Starter, approx. 20 min before fire takes over
    • Paper towels - coated in scented wax
    • Wick trimmings - from candle making

    Other items are foraged in Manitoba or saved from cut flowers! Fire starters are handmade and each has a unique design.

    To prevent fires & serious injury:

    Do not use in any non-wood burning firepits or fireplaces.

    • Do not use as candles and keep away from children
    • Store in a cool dry place, not exposed to extreme heat
    • Intended for outdoor use only
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